Freedom of Amsterdam

About us

Amsterdam is popular. Amsterdam was also popular in the seventeenth-century, partly because it offered more freedom at that time than other European cities did. That’s why freethinkers (or philosophers) such as Descartes and Spinoza lived in Amsterdam. Freedom of Amsterdam created tiles and free audio tours to commemorate this period in history. The project was funded by the Dutch Humanists. 

2021 saw the launch of a new project: benches to commemorate Spinoza, Amsterdam’s most important thinker. Freedom of Amsterdam created the benches in collaboration with the Dutch Humanists, city districts Amsterdam East, Centre and Southeast and Duivendrecht, part of Ouder Amstel. While exploring options with all these parties, adding armrests to existing benches proved to be the best solution for creating these special benches. 3D printing company vanPlestik designed and printed the armrests using recycled plastic.