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In line with the General Data Protection Regulation


All textual and visual information found on this website belongs to de Vrijheid van Amsterdam and Nanda van Bodegraven. No part of this website may be reproduced, transmitted and/or publically shared in any form or by any means, electronic or in print, including photocopying, recording, micro film, on the internet or intranet, or in any digital information storage or retrieval system, without the prior written permission of Nanda van Bodegraven.

Privacy statement

De Vrijheid van Amsterdam / Nanda van Bodegraven hereby states to take into account and respect the relevant legislation regarding the protection of personal data as defined under the General Data Protection Regulation.

Does de Vrijheid van Amsterdam by Nanda van Bodegraven use your personal data?

De Vrijheid van Amsterdam / Nanda van Bodegraven asks for personal data in order to register participants of our events. All relevant participants are explicitly asked to provide their data for this. We also use personal data to send subscribers the digital newsletter. All event participants and digital newsletter subscribers sign up to these services and events themselves, and are asked for their name and email address as part of this process. Data is only used to send relevant parties the newsletter. Each digital newsletter includes the option to unsubscribe. Users who cancel their subscription may expect this cancellation to be processed within the period of several working days, after which all their personal data will be permanently deleted. Users will not be asked to fill out a questionnaire or anything else of that nature in order to unsubscribe from the digital newsletter.

What personal data will be collected

De Vrijheid van Amsterdam / Nanda van Bodegraven will only ask for and use the personal data that is necessary for the purpose of the previously described activities, namely that of events and email subscriptions. The data collected includes amongst others your name, organization and role, email address and, under some circumstances, your phone number.

Sharing your data with third parties

De Vrijheid van Amsterdam / Nanda van Bodegraven will only share your data with third parties if these parties are necessarily involved in abovementioned events or activities, and in the case that a legislation, court order or warrant requires this or makes this possible. In all other cases, de Vrijheid van Amsterdam / Nanda van Bodegraven will ask for your explicit permission before sharing your data with third parties.

Retainment period for personal data

De Vrijheid van Amsterdam / Nanda van Bodegraven will not keep your data for any period of time that is  longer than necessary.


During events and meetings, it may be the case that participants will be photographed. These photographs may be used for the purpose of internal and/or public communications. In the case that you wish to object to the use of these images for communication purposes, you can send an email to to indicate this.

In the case that you object to being photographed, please inform the relevant session leader, supervisor or photographer during the event itself.

Data security

De Vrijheid van Amsterdam / Nanda van Bodegraven values the security and protection of your personal data. As such, De Vrijheid van Amsterdam / Nanda van Bodegraven has taken the relevant technical and organisational measures to protect and secure your personal data against loss, change, misuse and/or any other form of unlawful processing. These measures include that any legal person or individual at Vrijheid van Amsterdam / Nanda van Bodegraven which has access to and/or processes your personal data is  obliged to respect the confidentiality of this data, unless any relevant legislation determines otherwise. In the case that de Vrijheid van Amsterdam / Nanda van Bodegraven makes use of third party services, de Vrijheid van Amsterdam / Nanda van Bodegraven will make any necessary agreements regarding security measures in order to protect your personal data.

Statistics and cookies

De Vrijheid van Amsterdam / Nanda van Bodegraven keeps track of the data of website users, such as the user’s IP-address, domain, data and time of appeals and requests, redirection websites and other parameters of the URL. These log files and data will be used anonymously for statistical purposes.

De Vrijheid van Amsterdam / Nanda van Bodegraven makes use of functional and analytical cookies that do not infringe on your privacy. A cookie is a small text file that upon visiting the website will be saved on your computer, tablet or smartphone. It is used by Google Analytics to keep track ofyou’re your engagement with the website and to make adaptations that are in service of a better user experience of the website. Cookies are also used in allowing the website to function effectively and to save your preferred settings. They also function as information which help to optimize the website. It is possible to opt out of cookies by changing your preferences in your internet browser settings. In these settings, you are also able to delete any previously saved information.

In the case of changes in the privacy policy

De Vrijheid van Amsterdam / Nanda van Bodegraven reserves the right to change this privacy policy, for instance due to a change in relevant legislation. Changes will be documented solely on this website as part of a revised version of the privacy policy. If you are interested in consulting the latest changes in our privacy policy, we recommend you to periodically check back to this page.

Your privacy rights

If you are interested in receiving more detailed insights into the collection of your personal data, as well as in the case of a correction or deletion of, or any protest regarding your personal data, you can send your request to


In the case of any remaining questions and/or comments regarding the processing of your personal data and this privacy policy, you can contact de Vrijheid van Amsterdam

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