Tile Keizersgracht 123: Comenius

A school that fulfills its function perfectly is a true forging-place of humanity; the minds of those who learn are illuminated by the light of knowledge. (1657)

Comenius was an advocate of education for all children: girls and boys, rich and poor. He also was an important innovator of education. He developed for example an encyclopedia with images that could be understood by children.

The quote on the tile is from the ‘Didactica Magna’, published in 1657 in Amsterdam. This book is still read by didactic scolars.

Comenius was born in the Czech Republic. He had to flee this country when protestants where no longer tolerated after a change in power. In Amsterdam Louis de Geer gave him shelter in the famous ‘House with the Heads’. De Geer helped many refugees, mostly financialy.