Tile Nes 45: Descartes

Great things certainly await, if I am happy enough to discover one thing only which is certain and indubitable. (1641)

This quote not only symbolizes the expectations of Descartes himself, but also what his thinking and his encouragement for people to think for themselves has caused. His search for certainty leads him to ‘I think, therefore I am’. You can read more about this at the tile on the Westermarkt. This foundation gives Descartes the confidence to think further.

Descartes states that nature follows laws and is an understandable whole. Newton was inspired by this insight. He decided to find out why everything falls downwards and discovered the law of gravity. Newton confirmed the statement that nature is insightful and understandable. And many others after Newton also confirmed this statement. That is why Descartes is seen as the founder of modern natural science.